PHOTOS: Down Dirty Shake, Cool Ghouls and The Lotus Moons at Stork Club in Oakland, 02.17.12

AJ Lopez of Down Dirty Shake

It was the type of night where “blues” is spelled “blooze,” the pop is powered and the band asks for as much reverb as the sound guy can give. Five retro-minded bands filled the Stork Club in Oakland with psychedelic rock on Friday night. At least I think five bands played. When I left, Plant Tribe, a group from Long Beach, still hadn’t shown up because its vehicle was broken down on the side of I-5.

I also arrived too late to catch SFPD, but here’s what I did see:

  • Down Dirty Shake sounded a bit like what Led Zeppelin would sound like with seven people on stage, including one who plays an egg shaker and one who plays didgeridoo.
  • Down Dirty Shake vocalist A.J. Lopez: “This song is called ‘Sangria.’ We drank a shitload of that shit, and it caused us to hallucinate about a girl named Maria.”
  • I really, really liked Cool Ghouls, enough to bug them for one of their hand-burned demo CDs after their set. They made good use of three-part harmony and four-on-the-floor rhythms, which are two of my favorite things.
  • The Lotus Moons had enough of a groove going that people in the audience were actually dancing, something that happens far too rarely at shows.

You can download Cool Ghouls’ EP for free here, which you should totally do for serious.

Here is photographic evidence of the evening:

Or in gallery form if you prefer:

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One comment on “PHOTOS: Down Dirty Shake, Cool Ghouls and The Lotus Moons at Stork Club in Oakland, 02.17.12

  1. Aj Lopez on said:

    Hey Bill Great article man thanks for coming to the show so long ago. If you ever want to roll through to one of the shows let us know and we will get you on the guest list brotha.


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