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Racking Up Plays: “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.” by Noah and the Whale

These are the posts where I gush about some song that I’ve got a huge crush on at the moment, and you put up with it and listen because you’re a good friend. “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.,” Noah and the Whale Between this … Continue reading

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Why’d You Name Your Band That?: San Francisco retro country band The B-Stars flip-flops on all-important hyphen issue but stays true to Western vibe

The members of The B-Stars often share festival stages with rockabilly combos devoted to what came after country and blues got mashed up inside Sun Studios, but the San Francisco band sticks firmly to the pre-Elvis side of things as … Continue reading

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Nitpicking the Hits: Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough” of lazy rhymes and mixed metaphors

Perhaps you have experienced the euphoria brought on by a new romantic interest. The Black Eyed Peas have cleverly likened this experience to the intoxicating and addictive qualities of a drug, a metaphorical comparison that as far as I can tell has never before been made by anyone with the exception of Ke$ha, Seal, Robert Palmer, The Beatles, Shakespeare and just about everyone else in human history. Continue reading

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Racking Up Plays: “All Black Everything” by Lupe Fiasco

Accompanied by a breakbeat and a sample from Jimmy Durante’s version of “I’ll Be Seeing You,” Lupe Fiasco imagines that the African slave trade never happened, W.E.B. DuBois was Father of the Constitution, Bill O’Reiley reads from the Quran at Malcom X’s funeral, there was no crack epidemic, and hip hop isn’t concerned with complexion nor street cred. Continue reading

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Going On Sale: The Avett Brothers, Peter Gabriel and other recently announced Bay Area concerts

The first time I saw The Avett Brothers, they were playing for about two dozen devoted fans on a rainy, weekday night at a mostly empty venue in downtown Detroit. What a difference five years makes. The North Carolina band … Continue reading

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