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Read a profile of San Jose band Picture Atlantic on another website because somebody’s paying me to post it there instead

You didn’t think I was doing this blog just for yucks, did you? No, I’m in it for the bucks. Ideally, this is a showcase for my writing in the hopes it might lead to paid writing gigs. And that’s … Continue reading

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Terrible band names I came up with that you’re welcome to use when naming your terrible band

When my own band was trying to come up with a name, I started keeping a list of odd word combinations that I’d read somewhere or that had come up in conversation. Most of them were so ridiculous that I never even considered presenting them to my bandmates. I saved them only for my own amusement. And now I present them here for your amusement. Continue reading

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Wilco offering preview of new album, ‘The Whole Love,’ for 24 hours, so quit wasting time and start streaming

I’m about 10 minutes into listening to The Whole Love, Wilco’s eighth studio album, and I’m already ready to declare it the best thing the Chicago band has done since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Jeff Tweedy & Co. seem to have recaptured … Continue reading

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Links from the ‘War on Fun,’ and why San Francisco music venues need support in face of unnecessary regulatory action

Before I moved out here, I was under the distinct impression that California was all about fun—an opinion bolstered by the incessant airing of a commercial, which assured me life on the West Coast involved board meetings only in so … Continue reading

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