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  1. Hey, I’m hoping you’ll review my bands music! In Life is a collaboration between Oakland musicians Omar Martin and local hardcore icon Nick Noro. We just released an EP, which you can find at the Spotify link below or at
    Our sounds blends elements of punk, shoegaze, and trap, for an energetic and schizo sound inspired by life in Oakland.

  2. Good morning Bill!

    My name is Bobby and I manage the band Skunk Funk out of American Canyon, CA. We are 4 piece Ska Punk Funk group with reggae/hip hop tendencies. Please check out our latest music video “Cirque Du Skank”, let us know any feedback:

    We would love to be featured on your blog if you dig our music, more to come before the end of the year. Thank you for all that you do!


  3. James Coates One Last Ride Press Release/Pitch

    James Coates sings about the two things he knows best: falling down and getting back up. His latest album, One Last Ride, offers ten new songs that were recorded painstakingly over five years.

    The result is a deeply-personal look into the life of an artist who believes in the power of truth in music. The autobiographical lyrics are complemented by a sonic tapestry of country, folk, Americana and soul.

    The instrumentation is lush, dressing the songs in the likes of reverb-soaked pedal steel, stabbing horn sections, gospel choirs and even a chamber orchestra on opening track “The American.”

    But above it all sits the voice of the storyteller. Producers ditched the autotune relied on by so many modern artists to instead create an artifact of humanistic beauty: one songwriter and his stories, the way he wants them told.

    Coates has toured nationally, opened for major-label acts like Sheryl Crow and received airplay on KEXP. One Last Ride is available everywhere October 16th.

    Contact Info

    Artist/Album Info

    Artist Name: James Coates
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Album Title: One Last Ride
    Release Date: Oct. 16th, 2020
    Genre: #americana • #altcountry
    Similar Artists: Jason Isbell • Brandi Carlile • Tom Petty

    Social Media

    Facebook: @jamescoatesmusic
    Twitter: @coatesmusic
    Instagram: @jamescoasters
    Bandcamp: @jamescoatesmusic


    Full Album Stream:
    Dropbox Download (Tracks, One Sheet, Press Photos):


    “Coates sounds like Bob Dylan if Dylan could actually sing, while lyrically he veers closer to Springsteen territory.” -Seattle Weekly

    “With so much power and talent, James Coates is one to watch.” -Music Mix Daily

    “Heartfelt and folksy.” -Seattle Music News

    “If Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and Neil Young took the best parts of their talent and created a musical creature, we would call him James Coates.” -Inside Right Wrist

    “Coates seems to literally bleed emotion through his music.” -Weekly Volcano


    The American (3:50)
    This Town* (4:10)
    Flower Girl (5:15)
    Acceptance Blues (4:43)
    Love No More* (3:55)
    Feels Like Love (3:23)
    Don’t Leave Me Standing (5:31)
    Cigarette Blvd.* (4:20)
    One Last Ride (4:38)
    Last Prayer (4:46)

    *Featured Tracks

    Artist Owns Publishing & Master Rights
    Artist Gives Recipient Permission to Post Tracks Online
    Copyright © 2020, All Rights Reserved

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