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PHOTOS: Oakland Public Design Fair disguises engagement as play

Stakeholder engagement. Ugh. The words just sound inherently boring. So how does a city convince its overworked, overscheduled residents to contribute to the planning process? Oakland is taking a unique tack as it works on its Downtown Specific Plan. In … Continue reading

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Fun With Georeferencing: Oakland in 1857 vs. Oakland in 2015

I’m taking a GIS class, and this week I learned how to georeference. Fun! (No, really, it’s fun.) I was just testing out my skillz and put together this little slider comparing the current map of Oakland and Alameda with … Continue reading

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Urban Planning Links Worth Clicking: Scatalogical Edition

Of all the crappy problems cities have to deal with—traffic, climate change, hipsters—actual, literal crap often gets overlooked. Not today! Continue reading

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Construction Crane Over Lake Merritt: Affordable Housing Project Proceeds in Oakland

I was spending some time walking through my old neighborhood in Oakland near Lake Merritt on Wednesday, when I came across something I don’t think I ever saw in the more than three years I lived there: a big ol’ … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Love Our Lake Festival, 06.09.13, Oakland, Calif.

I’ve lived in Oakland for about two and a half years now. In that time, there have been some truly gorgeous days, weather-wise, but I have never seen more people strolling around Lake Merritt than I did today—even though highs … Continue reading

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From the “I Meant to Blog About This Months Ago” Department: “East Bay Dillinger” will steal your heart with humorous spoken-word antics, Oakland pride

When it comes to music videos, the three most important things are location, location, location. Wait, that’s real estate, isn’t it? Talent is probably more important when it comes to music videos. Still, I’ll watch just about anything if it … Continue reading

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