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PHOTOS: Oakland Public Design Fair disguises engagement as play

Stakeholder engagement. Ugh. The words just sound inherently boring. So how does a city convince its overworked, overscheduled residents to contribute to the planning process? Oakland is taking a unique tack as it works on its Downtown Specific Plan. In … Continue reading

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Fun With Georeferencing: Oakland in 1857 vs. Oakland in 2015

I’m taking a GIS class, and this week I learned how to georeference. Fun! (No, really, it’s fun.) I was just testing out my skillz and put together this little slider comparing the current map of Oakland and Alameda with … Continue reading

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Urban Planning Links Worth Clicking: Scatalogical Edition

Of all the crappy problems cities have to deal with—traffic, climate change, hipsters—actual, literal crap often gets overlooked. Not today! Continue reading

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Construction Crane Over Lake Merritt: Affordable Housing Project Proceeds in Oakland

I was spending some time walking through my old neighborhood in Oakland near Lake Merritt on Wednesday, when I came across something I don’t think I ever saw in the more than three years I lived there: a big ol’ … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Love Our Lake Festival, 06.09.13, Oakland, Calif.

I’ve lived in Oakland for about two and a half years now. In that time, there have been some truly gorgeous days, weather-wise, but I have never seen more people strolling around Lake Merritt than I did today—even though highs … Continue reading

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