East Bay punk band Emily’s Army officially deemed “next big thing” by winning mtvU’s Freshman 5 contest

Emily's Army is not to be confused with the cystic fibrosis foundation of the same name, which was started in honor of band members Max and Cole Becker's sister Emily. Got that? (via emilysarmyband.com)

Congratulations are in order for impossibly young Oakland pop-punk band Emily’s Army, which managed to get its fan base to out-vote the fan bases of four other up-and-coming groups featured in mtvU’s Freshman 5 showcase. That puts Emily’s Army in the company of such perpetual hype-recipients as Passion Pit, Bruno Mars, Wavves and Best Coast, all of which previously were named favorite acts in the quarterly contest.

It probably helps that the band’s drummer, 16-year-old Joey Armstrong, is the son of Green Day frontman and saggy-pants advocate Billie Joe Armstrong. Emily’s Army doesn’t really publicize this fact that much, but it works its way into pretty much everything that’s written about the group. How could it not be?

Billie Joe Armstrong also produced the band’s album, which is adorable … in a punk rock kind of way.

If you feel incredibly old upon learning the members of Green Day have children who are starting their own pop-punk bands, you’re not alone. You’re also not the target audience for Emily’s Army. Go listen to your Stone Temple Pilots CDs, Grandpa!


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