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10 Simple Steps to Keep Amazon From Ruining Your City

The Failing New York Times reported today that Amazon is going around and asking the finalists for its second headquarters “how to avoid soaring housing costs and paralyzing traffic.” Easy. Duh. Lemme walk you through it, Jeff. (Can I call … Continue reading

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Venturing into “the cloud”: My continuing adventures with Google Music Beta

First off, I can’t stand the term “the cloud.” I suppose I understand the metaphor—that rather than having my digital files stored on a specific computer server, they’re just sort of floating out there somewhere in the wild blue Internet … Continue reading

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Amazon MP3 Store begs the question: How much Gregorian chant is too much?

Ninety-nine essential Gregorian chants??? I would argue that the number of Gregorian chants any music collection requires is one at most. Any more than that is inessential. Continue reading

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